First Coast Soccer Association

First Coast Soccer Association Mission

The mission of FCSA is to offer programs to players of all levels of play and provide them the best opportunity to play at the highest level they want to achieve.
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FCSA Internet Use Policy
FCSA offer wireless access to the Internet via the FCSA WI-FI network. This FCSA WI-FI service is available to anyone who brings their own properly configured equipment to the FCSA WI-FI service area in Patton Park. FCSA WI-FI is a public service free of charge, subject to the following terms and conditions.
Terms of use:
Use of the wireless network constitutes an agreement to be bound by the terms of the FCSA WI-FI Internet Use Policy. Please read the policy before using the service. Failure to comply with the policy guidelines can lead to loss of network access, suspension of privileges, and/or prosecution. Users of FCSA WI-FI agree to be monitored.
Please be advised that:
FCSA is not responsible for insuring the privacy of information you transfer over FCSA WI-FI. Virus and security protection is the user's responsibility. Information passing through the FCSA WI-FI network is not secured and could be monitored, captured, or altered by others.

FCSA assumes no responsibility for damage, theft, or loss of a customer's equipment, software, data files or other personal property brought into or used on the FCSA WI-FI network.

FCSA will not provide technical assistance. There is no Help Desk facility.

There is no guarantee that you will have wireless access via the FCSA WI-FI network at any specific time, location or with any specific equipment service disruptions may occur, and some equipment may not be compatible. Wireless access is provided as a public service free of charge on an "as is" basis with no guarantee and no warranty.                  

There is no guarantee that you will have access to every Internet site using the FCSA WI-FI connection.
Limitations & Disclaimers
It is the users sole responsibility to protect their information from all risks associated with using the Internet, including any damage, loss, or theft that may occur as a result of such use of FCSA Free WI-FI. 

FCSA will not provide technical assistance and assume no responsibility for laptop configurations, security or changes to data files resulting from connection to the FCSA WI-FI network.

In using this Internet access, I agree and hereby release, indemnify, and hold harmless, FCSA, its officers and employees, and any affiliate, from any damage that may result in my use of FCSA WI-FI.

While using FCSA WI-FI, I acknowledge that I am subject to, and agree to abide by all laws, and all rules and regulations of Duval County, the State of Florida, and the federal government that are applicable to Internet use.

At its sole discretion, FCSA may terminate FCSA WI-FI at anytime without prior notice.
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