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Recreational Program Questions & Answers


Jacksonville Armada FC Youth Academy Recreational Program Mission Statement :
To create and environment where every recreational player enjoys a soccer experience so rewarding he/she voluntarily seeks opportunities to participate in Club programs throughout the year and returns to the Club the following season.


Should i be in recreational soccer or another program
Jacksonville Armada FC Youth Academy offers a number of programs that can meet everyone’s needs.



Recreational Program - For players ages 4 -19 years old (players must be 4 by the start of the season they want to play in). The recreational program is for players who want to learn and enjoy the game.

Developmental Program - For players ages 5-8 Coed and age U9 Girls. The program is for players interested in 2 nights of practice at Patton Park with the club training staff. The curriculum is designed to be age-appropriate for the developmental level of the players.

Travel Program - For players ages 8-18. The program is for players committed to learning & improving their game. The program offers travel teams at multiple levels of play to the elite level. Tryouts are in May each year for fall/spring teams.


When are the recreational soccer seasons?

Spring Season – early March (start practicing end of February) to May

Fall Season – early September (start practicing end of August) to early November

(High School players start in mid-August and finish before high school season)


How long is the season?

8 games over about 10 weeks.

 Older teams who are in the North Florida league, the season is 8 games over 10 weeks.



Recreational Players - Per season registration fees are $120 for U5-U8; $130 for U9-U12; $135 for U13-U19.  There is a 3 installment pay plan available as a payment option when you complete the registration. 

Recreational Uniforms cost $55-$65. Recreational uniforms can be re-used each year.

(Click here to order uniforms)


What are the fees for:

JAFCYA is a not for profit corporation.


Fees cover: 
Field use (the club pays for all of the maintenance and upkeep of the fields and park area)

Registration fees & insurance



When does registration end:

Spring Soccer – registration closes January 31. Returning players will be placed on their previous team if they register before January 31 of each year. After that there is no guarantee. We will accept late registrations on a space-available basis plus late fee.

Fall Soccer – registration closes July 31 (closes July 15 for and older players) Returning players will be placed on their previous teams (assuming proper age group) if they register before July 31 of each year. After that, there is no guarantee.

We will accept late registrations on a space-available basis plus late fee.


What are the age groups?

See section in the registration menu about “soccer age groups”. Note – players must be 4 years old by the start of the season they wish to play in. Contact the office if you have questions about this -  office@armadafcyouth.com


When do the age groups change?

All players play in the the age group of their birth year.  


What are the age groups for teams?

Age groups for recreational teams are in single years for coed teams until (i.e. , , ,…). At , age groups are combined 2 years together in recreational (i.e. U11/12, U13/14,…).


Are the teams coed?

Teams are coed at U5 and U6 then girls have the option of playing with all-girls (or staying coed) at U7 – teams are combined U7/8 age groups for girls at that age. Girls will be placed on all-girls teams at U7 and older unless they specify they want to play on a coed team.


When will I hear from my child’s coach?

As soon as registration ends, the club begins forming the teams.  The rosters are provided to the coaches 2-3 weeks before the season starts.   PARENTS can view their own child’s roster by looking in their Blue Sombrero accounts and clicking on “VIEW ROSTER and SCHEDULE” beside ythechild’s name.


How are the teams formed?
Teams are formed based on zip code.


Can I request coaches and teammates? 

There is a “REQUEST” section in the online registration to enter your request. Requests are considered but not always able to be honored - parents sometimes request teams or other players who are on teams that are already full.  Parents cannot request a practice night or location.


Can some of my friends register?

We open registration for new players in fall and spring seasons. New players register through our website. They can request to be on a team or with a friend but since we allow players to return to their teams from season to season, requests cannot always be honored.

If you are requesting a friend, make sure it is clearly marked in the “request” box and make sure they are in the same age group as you.


How are the coaches decided?

In the recreational program, coaches are volunteer parents. We have about 150 recreational teams and we always need coaches (especially in the younger age groups). If you are interested, please contact the office. If you are emailed about coaching, remember that we cannot have teams if no one volunteers to coach.


Is there coach training?

YES. The Directors of Coaching are here to help you. We send out weekly practice plans and can help with your game day questions. There are also coach licensing courses offered at the club.


When do we start practicing?

Teams start practicing by the end of August – once a week for most teams.

Day of the week, location and time of the practice are decided by the coach.

We do not move players from team to team based on practice days – with over 1400 recreational players, we do our best to assign players based on where they live and requests.


When will I get my uniform?

Please check the area under the uniform tab or (click here)


How many players are on the field?

Number of players on the field, field size, goal size and ball size are all set so that players get a lot of opportunity to touch the ball.

U5-U6 – play 3 vs. 3, no goalies

U7-U8 – play 4 vs. 4, no goalies

U9-U10 - play 7 vs. 7, with goalies 

U11-U12 – play 9 vs. 9 with goalies

U13- U16 - play 11 vs. 11 with goalies

U19 – play 7 vs 7 with goalies


What size ball do players use?

Soccer ball sizes are different for each age group

U5,6,7,8 – size 3 ball

U9,10,11,12 – size 4 ball

U13+ - size 5 ball


Is there any required equipment?

YES – all players are required to wear shin guards at practice and games.

Players are required to wear issues uniforms at games (including correct color socks)

Soccer cleats are not required (baseball cleats are not allowed).


Are there any restrictions to what we can wear?

There is absolutely no jewelry allowed of any kind (think includes earrings, metal clips, wrist bands, etc).

No casts are allowed of any kind (splints are allowed if approved by the referee)


Are there sponsorship opportunities?

 Patton Park is maintained and run by our club out of OUR FEES.

We have sign and field sponsorship opportunities – contact the office for more information office@armadafcyouth.com


What’s coming up?

Jacksonville Armada FC Youth Academy is a very active club with numerous events throughout the year including

Adult leagues
Fall & Winter Skills Programs
3v3 & 4v4

Check the Club Calendar for a list of what’s coming up (click here)

 NOTE - There is NO SMOKING, No Pets and NO ALCOHOL permitted at Patton Park.


Thank you for choosing our Armada Youth Academy!