JFC Player ODP Selections - 1999, 2000

The main goal of the Florida Youth Soccer Association Olympic Developmental Program is to identify players for our men’s and women’s Youth National Teams.  The selection process takes place through state, regional and national trials.  The program also factors into the college recruiting process. Selection for 1996-1998 are in the spring, 2013.

 1999 Girls ODP Alabama Camp      
 Leila Azari  JFC U14 Girls Elite           
 Mikaela Mcgee  JFC U14 Girls Elite
 Madison Murnin  JFC U14 Girls Elite
 Katie Ralys  JFC U14 Girls Elite
 Jackie Schaeffer  JFC U14 Girls Elite
 Natalie White  JFC U14 Girls Elite
 2000 Girls ODP Alabama Camp      
 Trinity Bailey  JFC U13 Girls Elite
 Aunikah King  JFC U13 Girls Elite
 Erika Middleton  JFC U14 Girls Elite
 2000 Girls ODP Florida Camp        
 Naja Ashman  JFC U13 Girls Elite
 Claire Cywes  JFC U12 Girls Elite
 Abi Pohl  JFC U12 Girls Elite
 Sarah Skala  JFC U12 Girls Elite
 Torrie Taylor  JFC U12 Girls Elite
 2000 Boys ODP Alabama Camp     
 Alejandro Pereira  JFC U14 Boys Elite